Potty Pants Humiliation: Wet Diaper vs Wet Pants

When it comes to diaper humiliation or potty pants humiliation – which is worse…

Walking around with a soaked, sagging diaper OR walking around with pee soaked underwear and jeans?

I would think that walking around a department or grocery store with pee soaked jeans would be vastly more humiliating. There is NO hiding it. There is very LITTLE explaining it. It looks exactly like, what it is. Even people that have accidentally dropped a drink on their pants are embarrassed by the predicament – it always draws attention to itself.

While pee isn’t as smelly as when you have a poopy mess in your pants, it still has a very distinct musty smell that comes within moments of you having your accident.

On the other hand, a soaking, sagging wet diaper – leaves a huge bulge underneath your pants and I know that for most of you, you aren’t used to the bigger bulge. A little small penis humiliation tossed into the mix there. LOL.

Yes, the diaper IS there to protect you from wetting your pants but if you are a pissy pants that has a hard time controlling your bladder – then maybe even your diaper will get filled faster than anticipated.

Have you tried both? If you haven’t, consider this your potty pants assignment. Walk around a store with pee soaked pants. Then repeat with a saggy, soaked diaper. Then comment below with your experience and what you thought what was worse (or more exciting/humiliating)

For  potty pants humiliation, contact me for phone, text or a cam to cam abdl session.

Daily Diaper Challenge

Do you think you could handing a daily diaper challenge? How long do you think you would last?

I am all about pushing your limits. Encouraging my diaper lovers to sneak step outside of their comfort zones…to embrace the abdl lifestyle. While I would never put all of my diaper lovers into a pre-packaged box, one thing is for certain – they all LOVE diaper dares and diaper wearing challenges.

They love having those limits tested, they love being told when to wear the diaper, how and what they can do while IN the diaper. What to do, where to go, who to see…the works.

Most diaper lovers love the attention, or the thought of getting the attention they seek.

They crave the ability to out themselves or be outted and exposed in creative ways. Then there are some that love the tasks but would like to just complete them privately for one reason or another.

I’ve decided that it would be fun to create a daily diaper dare challenge to test your limits.

To prolong your diaper wearing experience and really get you to embrace it.

In summary of the diaper challenge you decide if you want a 7, 14, or 30 day challenge – after you’ve sent payment and an email to receive the challenges at, I will send a daily email…each morning…with your newest diaper challenge. They will always be different and you’ll have a max of 48 hours to complete the dare for credit.

A dream come true for diaper lovers everywhere. Think you have what it takes? Think you could be dubbed the diaper dare challenge champion?

~ More info on the Daily Diaper Dare Challenge  (or click on the page in the menu above)~

Celebrate your Phone Mommy on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so don’t forget your favorite ABDL PHONE MOMMY ~

Mothers Day ~ phone mommy ~ abdl ~ diaper lover ~ adult baby ~ mistress lillithSome of you are my current diaper lovers and adult babies and sissy babies ~ Just like mommy takes care and nurtures you the way you need (be it age regression, un-potty training, diaper humiliation, sissy baby hypnosis and more), and others simply enjoy reading the updates and abdl blog posts and interaction on twitter.

Take a moment of your time to show your appreciation this abdl phone mommy’s day and send a gift of thanks.

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Amazon GC emailed to: madamerotic @ gmail.com

If you’ve never used an amazon wishlist, you browse the link above – add selected items to your shopping list, and check out. The address is auto-populated to send and yours is also kept hidden. Amazon Gift Cards are great for anonymity too if that is something you are concerned about.

Make sure to give me heads up or an email so I can thank you in the only manner an ABDL phone mommy knows how — if you decide to keep it a secret, I’ll still post up a thank you.
Your Phone Mommy takes a lot of time with each of her adult babies and diaper lovers, and spends quite a bit of time updating and maintaining a site dedicated to her precious abbies! I was asked by a few for my wishlist, and decided to make it a formal post to make it easy to find…and to remind you to show your appreciation and gratitude.

(Those that take time to thank mommy in a meaningful way, by the end of the week *May 6th* , MAY find themselves in the Exposed Diaper Lover Hall of Fame (Also for Adult Babies), if they so desire 😉 — and more. Although, I will always show my appreciation in a personal way anytime a darling abbie of mine sends me something )

Diaper Humiliation: To Poo or Not to Poo

To poo or not to poo. That was the question that entered my mind the first time doing a diaper humiliation session with Mistress.

I had never worn adult diapers before, but was curious and since I have a bit of a humiliation fetish, I felt as though that would play right into it. I figured she would make me tinkle. What else would I do with a diaper? If you are going to be forced to wear a diaper, then clearly mommy mistress would force you to USE the diaper. I did assume it was just pee-pee.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if she would ask me to do number 2. I didn’t know if she would ask and I didn’t know if I could go along with it if she DID ask.

That first diaper humiliation session was better than I imagined.

Mommy Lillith was in complete and total control over her newbie diaper lover. She was actually nice to me. Perhaps it was because I was such a newbie and very naïve. There was something sinister in the way she laughed. Was she being nice? Was she poking some fun at my expense? I guess that would be my naïveté poking through.

I struggled to wet my diaper. I was incredibly nervous. She had me on cam, and KNEW whether or not I was doing as told. I was relieved (pardon the pun) to not have to try and FILL the diaper until it sprung a leak. She had mentioned that, that may be in the cards for me one day.

I did get to breathe a sigh of relief that this time she hadn’t asked me…but that relief was soon pulled from me.

The second diaper humiliation session I found myself much more comfortable peeing. Perhaps too comfortable, because Mommy Lillith picked up on my ease and comfort level with having to pee on demand. Then…the demand came.

She made me poop in my diaper

I had to catch my breath. You could tell she seen the shock in my face as she laughed, crossed her arms and demanded I follow through. I thought to myself “could I do it? Should I do it?”

Here I am a grown man. Never been in a diaper before.  Yes I am a humiliation addict, but had never experienced diaper humiliation – guess there is a first time for everything. And she certainly seemed to thrive on “popping my diaper pooping cherry”

Mistress Lillith is intoxicating, her demands may seem like a stretch, but she is worth it. She had me hypnotized

Sure enough after some coaxing, I found myself pushing out a big ball of poop.

Was I embarrassed? Hell Yes. Humiliated? Over the top. But, in a weird way, I was also proud for completing her diaper humiliation task. I was happy to please my mistress, and isn’t that what you are supposed to be doing in femdom sessions regardless of your fetish? I think it is.

The next time we had a session, I was instructed to put wife’s panties OVER the top of my diapers. I did have to use them, and I had to hope that it didn’t spill out and stain my wife’s panties. Of course I complied, I may be her diaper wearing humiliation slut, but I’m not stupid.

*Guest post from a newbie diaper lover of mine. Current clients are welcome to request to become a guest poster, please contact me if you’d like to guest blog* 

Diaper Assignment

This Diaper Assignment is a kinky outing type assignment. I don’t always post assignments for everyone to see but every so often I want to see the response with completed assignments.

How often do you scour the web for free diaper assignments? Lucky for you, your mommy mistress is going to give you just that. I adore my diaper lovers, adult babies and sissy babies. And I know those special abbie clients of mine, adore me. I often offer EXACTLY what they are looking for. Someone that knows the kink and the lifestyle, someone that GETS IT, someone that loves this particular fetish, this abdl fetish.

My diaper boys and girls, are some of the most fun, unique individuals. Its because each is so different and unique, one may enjoy diaper humiliation – one may like CBT coupled with diaper wearing and sissy outfits – one may want to drink from a bottle, suckle on a cock shaped pacifier and wear a ducky onesie. The sky is the limit, not one of my diaper lovers or adult babies is exactly the same. Each has their own kinks, their own quirks. I get it, and I love that about them.

Now, back to the diaper assignment. If you are a diaper lover and crave public humiliation this one will be great for you!

Mind you, I don’t generally involve the public, but on occasion and if its harmless, its fun and exciting. I actually see this assignment as being a simple public humiliation assignment. You may not be humiliated, you may be excited about it.

To get credit for your diaper assignment, you need to follow ALL the rules below, (you can also comment with your assignment response below)

What is the diaper assignment?

  • Go to a store. Any store, just a public place. I don’t care how many people are there, or whom is there. BUT, you DO have to strike up a conversation with a cashier. Find one that is friendly, one that you can easily just talk about the day with. (I may give ‘extra credit’ if you found someone a tad grumpy but a grumpy one will be less likely to want to play). It can be a cashier or someone helping out in the store.
  • Make a kink confession, or just a confession if you will about your love for wearing diapers and ask if he/she wouldn’t mind snapping a photo of you while you are pretending to shop or looking at baby items, or girlie clothes/lingerie or even just in some chip isle…WHERE you are may earn extra credit points (more for diaper isles) but that creative part is up to you. 😉
  • Make a purchase from the store, preferably diapers or other adult baby attire, but again can be anything. This is just to pay respect to the store you were in to complete your diaper assignment.
  • If you want to just complete the assignment, you can drop a photo and comment below on how it went OR if you want to be considered for a spot in my abdl hall of fame do the following:

~Submit a write up of the experience: where you went, whom you spoke with, explain a bit about the picture.

~Submit 1-3 photos of you shopping WITH your diaper showing. You will also be required to release photo rights to ME. The photos may be used on my blog – and/or shared on twitter

~If chosen for the diaper lover hall of fame, you’ll get your own page and photo similar to the others on that side. I will respond with the information on that. 😉

~deadline for the hall of fame portion is: April 30th, 2016. All entries after that must be posted below in the comments section.

~Submit entries to madamerotic @ gmail with the subject title of : Diaper Assignment ; with the information above

Good luck! (Note to the wise, don’t email asking for a free diaper assignment. This IS your assignment. If you want another more personal assignment, sign up for a session or email training.)

Exposed Diaper Lover: Kenny Kimmell

Another Exposed Diaper Lover to Out

It is always exciting when I have another exposed diaper lover ready to out themselves. They are required to tell me a bit about themselves, submit a write up about themselves, and submit a few pictures. As always, I wont put an all picture blog post up, It needs substance.

It’s not always about just asking to be outted either. There are lots of sissy babies and diaper lovers our there that WANT to be exposed, they WANT the attention—but I have certain hoops you must cross over first.

Hoops like (1) submitting a written release that could hold up in any court situation. I get the rights to the pictures, so there is no backing out on your end (2) in the event you are desperate to have them come down there is always a steep fee involved and (3) You still need to acknowledge that in the world wide web…pictures and content are lifted and taken without permission. I will never and cant ever be held accountable for that – with that said so long as I have complete control of the rights to the photos it wouldn’t matter anyway. And I make it done in such a way that it IS considered a legal binding contract. There are things I do as far as the photos go to make sure that you have the rights to give in the first place. It is an involved process, but the results are fun for ME and for my exposed diaper lovers. Above all – there is a fee to being exposed.

kenny kimmell - exposed sissy baby

Jumping through all those hoops gets you posted in the exposed diaper lovers hall of fame and you get your only little spot in the internet.

Kenny Kimmell jumped through the hoops, and now we are here. He is being exposed as the diaper loving baby dick that he is.

This diapered loser still lives with his mom!! Guess that is why he needs a mommy mistress! I will commend him on the pictures he sent ~ HAHAHA I had to squint at the first one to see if perhaps there was just a growth on him…but I guess that is where the penis is supposed to be. I’m guessing he’s able to fit into smaller diapers because of that smaller little dick. I wonder if his mommy still have to change his stinkies?exposed diaper lover -- tiny dick, sph

Here is what Kenny Kimmell had to say in his little excerpt:

“My name is Kenny Kimmell, I’m 31 years old, and I live in central New Jersey with my mom.  I have a small baby dick and I love wearing diapers.  I pee and poop in them like a baby.  I haven’t gotten laid in a few years.  I have an overactive bladder and I pee a lot so diapers help.  I used to wet the bed until I was a teenager and I’ve wet the bed in my adult life a few times.  My bedroom often smells like pee.  I try dating normal girls but they always run away when they learn I wear diapers.  I need to let the world know I wear diapers so girls stop getting disappointed.”

If you see Kenny on twitter, let him know you KNOW about his tiny dicked, diaper wearing fetish lifestyle…Kenny Kimmell is being exposed diaper loverexposed and being inducted into the diaper lovers exposed hall of fame.

Welcome home…there is no turning back.

Santa Gives Coals, Mommy Gives Bare Bottom Spankings

If you have been a naughty sissy baby or adult baby or even a naughty little diaper lover this year you know Mommy Mistress Lillith is just waiting for the opportunity to administer corporal punishment, by way of bare bottom spanking.

bare bottom spanking from Mommy MistressI’ll pull that pamper just until those little bare bottom cheeks stick right out – and I will give you a spanking with my bare hands until those little cheeks are a beautiful shade of Christmas red.

Perhaps I should bring along all of my mistress friends to administer a swat or two – switching it up between using our hands or using one of our various instruments.

You’ve been naughty, I don’t have to check the list twice.

Get over here and drop those drawers—time for your bare bottom spanking!

Sissy Pissy Puddle Maker

You are a messy little diaper lover in training aren’t you? I say, “in training” because you are a diaper lover that doesn’t yet KNOW you are a diaper lover. Your mommy mistress is here to wake you up to this realization and force you to love your diapers.

Do you know why you need to be forced to wear diapers?

It’s because you are a messy sissy pissy puddle maker!

sissy pissy puddle makerYou like to wear your man pants, trying to hide your pretty sissy panties underneath.  You like to feel secretly girly and yet ache to feel outwardly girlie.

You stand there, looking at yourself in the mirror, becoming overly excited about the prospects of actually walking around in sexy feminine clothing and lingerie. Most men that get overly excited just experience some humiliating premature ejaculation.

That little cockette of yours may rise to attention, BUT you aren’t spewing those cummies in your panties. You are tinkling down your leg.

You leak and piss all over your leg like an over excited sissy bitch dog. You are a sissy pissy puddle maker.

You stand there red in the face only to realize you are being watched. Being watched by someone like me that will quickly muscle you down to the ground, to rip those pants off and force a diaper onto my sissy pissy puddle maker.

I may have a friend or two help me force you down, but you WILL wear the diaper. When you leave this room you will take the walk of shame. You don’t get to put pants back on, you’ve already soaked them

EVERYONE will know what a diaper loving, sissy pissy puddle maker you are. Even if you don’t love your diaper now…you will – very soon.

The Humiliation of being a Diaper Lover

There are some fetishes that rarely go beyond the erotic fantasy realm. Some would love nothing more than to be forced into a pair of frilly panties, forced to walk down the road in some stiletto heels and then forced to suck a juicy, fat cock. Those fantasies sound wonderful in their head and we engage in erotic role play doing just that. However, there are a few fetishes, that are more lifestyle and they reach beyond the fantasy realm.

The reality for diaper lovers, is that they, more often than not, don’t get to really enjoy their diapers just in their mind. It is a part of them. It is something that constantly eats at them until they finally give in, toss the big boy pants aside and grab for the puffy pampers.

They will often fight the feeling, fight the urge, thinking it would go away eventually. But, be honest…how many times does that denied feeling just come back with an even larger, raging uncontrollable desire?

That is perhaps, where the humiliation of being a diaper lover sets in.

Let’s face it. Diaper lovers are of a special breed and are often humiliated, even in the fetlife world.

It is seemingly taboo for a variety of reasons, and yet it’s something diaper lovers can’t really control.

They WANT to be able to wear their diapers in public, 24/7. They want to go to work in them, sit at home in them, go on dinner dates. They want to be able to use those diapers whenever they please both wetting and messing their diapers. But, there is certainly a stigma attached to it.

You are supposed to be a macho man, but you are a diaper lover

You are supposed to use the big boy potty, but you go in your pants

You are supposed to NOT want to be in the diapers, but you do

There is no escaping your diaper loving desires, and as a result there is no escaping the inevitable diaper lover humiliation that goes right along with it.

Are you ready to further explore the humiliation of your diaper loving fetish?

Meet Sissy Diaper Baby Zachary

unnamedHello my lovely diapered boys and girls! Time to out another diaper wearing sissy girl! I know you all just love being the center of attention and this little attention whore just can’t wait to strut her stuff on my blog.

Zachary is from New York and identifies with the name Sissy Diaper Baby. Can you guess why? HAHA

Because she LOOOVES to dress up like a sissy baby girl. Wearing unnamed (2)diapers as often as she can and wetting and messing in them are the highlight of her day and she’s been doing it her whole life. She SAYS she loves being forced into becoming and being a baby girl, but of course, I don’t think there is much forcing on that end. I think she does so willingly and loves every minute of the forced diaper bliss.

But, she does have visions of her mommy mistress kidnapping her and forcing her to be a sissy baby full-time with no escape, and no freedom to do otherwise.  She could be my diaper wetting sissy baby girl forever, for or against her will.

unnamed (1)She came to me and begged me to out her. She wanted the humiliation of not knowing what could possibly happen next with an outing in a public forum such as my abdl mommy blog.  She is well aware that once it’s on my blog – it’s out there. It is possible to find. I have several hundred viewers and readers weekly, not to mention my followers via twitter. If someone wants to find you, they most certainly will. It won’t be long before googling your name will lead you right to this post.

I always tell my devoted followers to be careful what they wish for – even if somehow it was agreed to be deleted (and trust me that is a high price to pay), there is never a guarantee its gone forever.

If you see Zachary, make sure to stop by, say hi, and offer a diaper change! LOL

Are you interested in being outted? Send me an email for all the information. For those that are terrified of their identities being posted anywhere, it should be known that those I out, ask for it…in some form or fashion 😉 And even if it IS done as a public humiliation punishment for not obeying a rule, it was agreed to at some point prior. I will never post super personal information without consent. 😉

Adult Baby Diaper Lover Phone Mommy