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Naughty Plastic Pamper Wearing Joewee’s Apology

My pathetic little rubber pants boy, Joewee, decided to get a little bratty with mommy. My last post had pictures of when someone decides they know better than I do…and now this one decided to question me. And while asking a question, and awaiting a response, he decided he could do whatever he wanted.

That is certainly not the case, my adult baby, diaper lovers and rubber pant boys can NOT do whatever they want when they belong to me.

Here is my apology to Mommy Mistress Lillith:  My name is baby joewee and I have been a brat to my mommy. I have a tendency to blurt out things that I latter have to apologize for.

Mommy is patient with me but I know I try her patience. She deserves ultimate respect. She works hard. And I have no right to EVER say “no” to her. I have no right to EVER delay any of her requests for service. Mommy can and will destroy my reputation someday. I know it. It is in her nature to destroy the fly that landed in her golden threaded web. All I can wish for is to delay that day as long as possible.  I’m pretty sure a contract will be coming soon where I will have to pledge my allegiance to Mommy Lillith only. Divulge all personal information and submit dirty diaper photos to her.  So that she can systematically keep me as a puppet on her marionette strings. Again I AM sorry mommy for being such a jerk boy.

My sissy babies will throw little tantrums from time to time, and I understand. But, there are consequences to their actions — each and every time.

This time little joewee got off easy with a simple apology. Hopefully he will learn…mommy mistress is in charge. Not baby, and CERTAINLY NOT some rubber/plastic pant wearing diaper boy!

Naughty Sissy Baby Exposed

I simply adore my sissy babies and diaper lovers. They are always such a blast to play with and train to be into the perfect abbies they’ve always wanted to be.

Some need just a little extra push. They know they want to be out of the closet, they WANT the world to know they like wearing diapers. And little sissy babies like Sidney NEED the expose to snap him into shape.

I would really like for sissy babies to stop referring themselves as ‘MEN’. It is something you have never been, and something you will never be. To be honest, the faster we get this through that thick baby diaper and your little pee brain—the better everything will be.

Now, I don’t just OUT my sissy babies without their knowing. It’s part of their training or they’ve asked for it *snickers*. I have several that like to be outted, and like I say—once I take the time out of my day to post and out them…It STAYS there. (there are a FEW exceptions, but those are few and far between)

Sissy Baby Sidney has been a naughty, bratty, obnoxious, immature girlie boy and its time to share him with the world. He needs to remember who is in charge. (You should see the message he sent when he didn’t get his way—he needs a few OTK spankings for being so obnoxious)

Sidney, needs LOTS of public humiliation and exposure. There is no turning back now ~ Once something is on the internet, it is ALWAYS there…deleted or not…although, don’t expect this to ever disappear.

You are getting what you ultimately deserve naughty sissy baby Sidney!

Sissy Baby Training: Humiliation not always a punishment

Humiliation is part of the training and not always form of punishment. For the trainer it is much fun. The baby, even though feeling very much ashamed, will nevertheless gain thrills and erotic pleasure out of the situation.

Already the entire situation as such is very humiliating. Alone the fact that a grown-up man is being incapacitated in all ways and gradually being transformed to a female infant is extremely shameful and can hardly be beaten. The age is regressed to that of a toddler and in some aspects even beyond, and her manhood is entirely denied.

No matter what treatment is applied to baby, it is done in a most shameful and humiliating manner.

Her bottle is filled with formula, not just ordinary milk, and definitely not juice or some other drink. (Though milk, and later warmed milk, to start with is fine.) When Mommy changes the diapers, she always comments, what she is doing. In this way it is implied, that baby needs Mommy and is dependent on her. But nevertheless, the comment should be degrading. She could say something like: “Oh! Did my little darling wet her nappies again? You are so lucky that Mommy pins you into a thick set of diapers with some snug plastic panties to keep your haphazard wetting under control.” This goes for everything like bottle feeding, or generally feeding, bathing, bringing to bed, whatever. Independent how humiliating or unpopular a measurement is, Mommy always states it from a positive point of view. Everything that is done to baby’s discomfort is a necessity. Spreader pants or chastity belt, a ridiculous outfit or an enema, all is only for the best of the trainee. This is communicated to baby in a most convincing way, but nevertheless she is being embarrassed at the same time.

Adult Babies should always be presented to the female friends of Mommy, to baby’s shame and ridiculousness.

Curiously, they observe everything, make their comments and participate. They have much fun in joining the babyfication, even bring up own ideas, how a baby must be treated. She is pampered, changed, fed, dressed, and perhaps even made a sexy Lolita. She is just a plaything at the mercy of the women.

The Adult Sissy Baby is humiliated outdoors. This has many aspects and is up to the fantasy of Mommy.

Nevertheless, the following should be exercised in public. Some are for beginners; others are for babies, where the age regression has already progressed substantially:

Having baby packed into extra thick diapers, which is obvious to other people.

Having baby suck her pacifier.

Having her on baby reins.

When buying diapers, having baby accompany Mommy, and expose her in front of the sales personnel.

Having baby soil her nappies at the wrong time; this can be enforced by giving baby a suppository before leaving the house.

Changing the diapers in the baby station of a department store.

For these outdoors humiliations, an exception can be done, and baby is allowed to walk. Nevertheless, a prissy sissy mince should be enforced.


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My Secret Sissy Baby Wish

Sissy Baby Jazmine has a naughty secret little abdl fantasy that she shared with me the other day:

An extra humiliating fantasy of mine would be if Mistress Lillith arranged a date with one of her girlfriends or have a ladies’ evening. Go dining, to the movies or some other entertainment, while sissy baby stays at home!

If you cuckold your sissy baby, let her know you are looking forward to having a long night with wonderful sex! Let her see, how you get styled for others in an attractive, perhaps even erotic outfit! But while being full of desire, she will just be prepared for an early night time. Let her know, while you will be out enjoying yourself, she will be securely in her bed, laying in the dark, just sucking her pacifier and holding her favorite doll! Make sure, she cannot leave the bed and do something else than being a baby trying to sleep!

You can even increase this humiliation by organizing a babysitter for her.

It can be one of your female friends, an acquaintance, or perhaps your sister or cousin. Ideally she is a convinced feminist. While you prepare yourself for going out, have the babysitter get her ready for bed! Best is, if the babysitter is amused by the situation, enjoys humiliating your baby, and makes her comments about the necessity of baby being diapered, in chastity and being patronized all of the time. She shall have her fun to dress baby in cute attire, something like a Disney princess motive.

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Adult Baby Confessions

I like to collect little naughty confessions from my adult babies, diaper lovers, and all others out there. This is one that I received the other day that I decided to share with you all

This Adult Baby Confession is from Baby Ben:

Mistress, my confession is that I love diapers and want to be treated like a baby.

Along with several other fetishes that I’d like to all come together such as: I want to be forced to be a baby, humiliated for being a baby all the time even in public, enema play, anal play, and baby wants to sit on the floor in his diapers using mommy’s feet as a teether, and be dressed by mommy any way she wants maybe she’d like a baby girl !! Mmmmh!!!

Sorry my little penis (might as well be a little girl clitty covered by thick diapers)

My sweet little sissy baby, we would have so much  fun together! I know that not all of my adult sissy babies come in a perfectly compact little box, they are not cookie cutter, and not one size fits all. I would love to explore other fetishes to accompany your desire to want to wear diapers and be treated like a baby.

I look forward to our sessions together.

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Throw away your masculine underwear

Can I wear my man underwear mommy?

I was appalled when I seen this particular question pop up, on my yahoo instant messenger, one day. What in the world is my little diaper slut thinking. Do you REALLY  *I* would ALLOW *ANY* of my adult babies and diaper lovers that type of privilege.

This little slut I’m sure suffers from accidents, and really belongs in a diaper 24/7. When I say 24/7 diaper wear…I MEAN it.

He must have thought, that if he puts on those masculine boxers or briefs…that he would start to feel like a REAL man again. That is just not the case my dear love. You were never a man, you will never BE a man. You will ALWAYS be my little diapered slut and its time that you lived the life you are supposed to live.

Diapered 24/7…sleeping in diapers, working in diapers, peeing and pooping in your diapers.

The ONLY exception to what you can wear besides diapers are pink plastic panties…the ones that go over your bulky little diapers.

What a ridiculous question that you asked diaper boy. If you were not exactly clear on my answer…the answer is NO…you may NOT wear your masculine underwear.

In fact, I think a burning ceremony is in order.

Any other questions?

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My Sissy Baby’s Day Out

You have been such a good baby sissy lately your mommy mistress has decided that you deserve a day out! You know I don’t just let any sissy baby go out, sometimes the attention you get is just too much, but I think its time to go out and have some nice little day out. Mommy mistress gets to do a little shopping and my little baby sissy gets LOTS of humiliating attention (…did I say humiliating? ;) )

First things first, we need to change that stinky lil diaper and change your outfit. I think you need to have a cutesie little outfit. Im going to put you in blond curly pig tails with a baby pink overall set and a white onsie with lace around the neck. I will pair it with a pair of fold down, white lace socks and some little pink with white polkadot shoes for you to walk around in. Your little bottom is sure to puff right on out with that big bulky diaper.

You’ll also be sporting a bright yellow binky to suck on with a cute little princess clip so that you don’t drop it and loose it.

Lets not forget the little backpack leash that I will certainly have to put you on – you have a tendency to be a naughty baby sissy from time to time.

Out to the Mall with LOTS of people

You know I LOVE to show you off so we are for sure going to end up at the mall where it is the busiest – We’ll go to the nail salon and your mommy mistress will get a nice little mani/pedi – then we’ll head over and Im going to get a new pair of shoes (or 5 – momma LOVES her shoes!) – perhaps we’ll go get some new lingerie and maybe baby can see mommy in some pretty lingerie, and then ill take you to the toy store (what kind of toy store ;) depends on if you are a GOOD baby or NAUGHTY baby. Lol)

Then we’ll have lunch in the food court. You’ll sit down with your bottle and I’ll grab myself whatever looks appealing to the eye~

Uh-oh what is that smell?

I see that a few people are giggling and pointing at my sweet little sissy baby in her bulky little diaper. But when someone approaches you and tickles you, you start laughing so hard you let out a little toot~

Suddenly your face turns red and I hear some grunting…is my sissy baby making a stinky? In FRONT of everyone at the mall?

Uh-oh~ Makes you wonder what will happen next on your little adult baby day out.

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